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Once a preserve of the government and military operations, drones have since evolved to become a staple in many homes and educational institutions. You can even get drones for less than $100! The fact that they are affordable now, coupled with the global awareness of a need to develop STEM skills in children, has further increased the popularity of drones. Additionally, learning institutions such as RethinkSchool are incorporating STEM training in their curriculum, and the unmanned aerial vehicles are the go-to tools. All these factors, in addition to the fact that flying a drone is pretty exciting, are the reason all kids want their own drones!

It is commonplace to find the young ones interested in technology and keeping up with the trends. Drones are a drastic improvement of the previously popular remote-controlled aeroplanes. The technology used to make these UAVs keep advancing daily, with smaller and more efficient drones being launched before one can blink. These efficiencies also bring with them a great advantage to the consumer; affordability. 

The fact that drones are not as expensive as they used to be, and a parent can find a good quality UAV at a good price, has fueled recreational flying especially in Community-Based Organizations. Today, you will find a good number of social media users featuring pretty good aerial shots, which the young generation drool over. This only helps in fuelling the desire among young people to learn more about drones. Read More...

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Buying Drones Online

Buying Drones Online

Drones For Kids

Drones For Kids


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