Why Is It So Important To Have A Health Check-Up For Employees?

They say health is wealth and this more than summarises sufficiently the relationship between good health and prosperity at a workplace. An employer who invests in the well being of his or her workforce ensures that the most important asset is well and functioning at optimum levels all the time. Additionally, regular check-ups are also benefitial to employees as they ensure safety at the workplace.

A business is not just about maintenance for machines, computers and buildings. Your workforce needs the wellness that comes with frequent and timely health checkups to reach set goals and bring you returns that are beneficial to your business.

At a glance, health checkups can be done for the following reasons:


As a precautionary measure

In the event of accidents

Too regulate drug use and abuse at the workplace

As a team bonding technique

Health Check-Up to Curb Absenteeism

Sick-offs and leaves of absence are a common occurrence at the workplace. Now while some of these are genuine, the validity of a sick off cannot be truly determined when an employee is not within the confines of the work environment. Additionally, a random health profiling and DNA testing for employees can help in proper assignments to various departments. Some people are prone to allergic reactions to different things owing to their genetics, and failure to note these health issues can lead to fatal accidents.

Regular, employee-friendly checkups can help minimize the frequency at which employees seek sick-offs. As opposed to being mandatory and stifling surprise checks, checkups at the workplace can be designed to be more accommodating and employee friendly. It is at such forums that employees can open up about health problems they are experiencing, which helps curb workplace bullying.

Drug Abuse Regulations

As uninspiring as it may sound, drug use amongst employees in the UK is not insignificant. This has led to the enactment of laws not just by the government but also by certain employers which stipulate that employees must be tested for drugs use especially during working hours.

Medical check-ups for employees directed at drug use detection can be sensitive and care should be taken not to spark controversy among employees. Singling out particular employees in an unfair manner can be misconstrued as an injustice making it important to have a system that governs such a check-up.

In the event that it is mandatory and set up by the employer, it needs to be in the form of a contract that the employees agree and sign against at the time of employment. A drug free workforce is a sober, goal-oriented team which is what every organization needs to realise its vision.

Compliance with the Law

In the UK, the health and safety at work act requires that employees should be safeguarded to ensure that they are not working under the influence of drugs at any one time. This has sometimes been seen to be in collision with the privacy acts covered by the human rights laws.

With laws unclear and seemingly at logger heads at times, it is important for employers to carry out due diligence to at the very least ensure that employees are safe at work. Informed consent before acquiring samples from employees is vital as forceful sampling can attract litigation.

Important Factors to Remember About Health Checkups

On the whole, health checkups at the workplace are beneficial. There are, however, a few factors employers have to keep in mind before carrying out these exercises at the office. First and foremost, a health check-up has to be done by a qualified professional from an accredited health organization in the UK. Random check-ups by dodgy individuals can attract damning lawsuits.

The check-up, however critical must not be seen to victimize anyone. Instead employers can use this as a way of encouraging employees with drug problems to come out and seek help. Testing positive for one drug or another may not be grounds for dismissal unless expressly said so in the contractual agreement.

Mandatory all-inclusive health care is not just about drugs and weeding out non-performing employees. Rather, it should be used as a chance for team building. Health problems such as blood pressure, cardiac arrests, anaemia and many more can be detected during routine or random health checks at the workplace. The opportunity should be used as an entry point to provide referrals for further health interventions.

Safety Critical Sector 

One cannot speak about health checkups and their importance without mentioning safety critical sectors in the UK. Industries that require near perfect vision, precision and attention to detail such as manufacturing industries and the health sector call for frequent health checks if only to ensure that standards are maintained. Safety and health in these industries is not just restricted to the employees but also the employer and those who are affected by the end product of the manufacturing process. 

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