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Protect Your Employees Feet With Orthotics!

Work safety is very crucial for the general well being of any organization. Healthy and happy employees are productive, which makes it possible for the organization to make profits. There are several ways through which every organization can take care of their employees, and the best being providing a safe and supportive work environment.

There are so many companies whose activities involve walking around, lifting, or standing, for example in warehousing, retail, medical or food industries. In order for these employees’ feet to stay in good condition day in day out despite their working schedules, they ought to have their feet comfortable. If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms, chances are your feet need extra support.

Heel and arch pain
Lower back pain
Plantar fasciitis
Pain in the leg/ankle/knee
Shin splints
Ligament injury

Comfortable shoes ensure that the muscles and joints are not too strained, which can lead to more serious injuries. If you have prior conditions such as pronation and supination, you may need shoe inserts to prevent further aggravation as well as treat the prevailing symptoms. But what can employers do to protect their employees’ feet?

Using Orthotics in the Workplace

Foot comfort is extremely necessary if any organization wishes to increase productivity as well as reduce absenteeism and work related injuries. While it is true that some foot problems such as pronation are not caused by work schedules, they can be aggravated by oppressive work schedules as well as uncomfortable shoes.

Orthotic devices are insert that are slipped in shoes to provide an extra cushioning layer which supports the feet. The inserts are usually found in two categories: over the counter or customized. Over the counter inserts are pre-fabricated to fit anyone, and are sold in any pharmacy or store. Custom orthotic devices are purposely designed to fit the specific needs of a particular person. Both custom and over the counter orthotics are used to adequately cushion the feet as well as correct any biomechanical problems. You can visit the Footlogics website to shop for the devices you may need.

Choosing the Perfect Orthotics for Your Job

Orthotic devices are usually made to meet 2 conditions:

Your support needs
Your work needs 

Prescription (also called custom) inserts are usually more preferable as they last longer and give individualized support to fit for your specific foot structure. Regular orthotics can also work as well, though they can aggravate a problem if you pick the wrong one. It is therefore advisable to first get the opinion of a doctor before you go all out and buy some.

Orthotics used by people who are on their feet all day such as waitresses and doctors need only provide cushioning to reduce the impact the walking has on the heel and the foot. However, a construction worker will need heavier cushioning in their work boots to keep the feet safe. Therefore, it is the employers’ duty to allow each worker to go through an orthopedic to get the insert that best works for them.

Other Factors That Keep the Employee’s Feet Safe

There are several factors that contribute to the safety of employees’ feet other than proper footwear

Working Position

There are several factors that can lead to work related injuries, and one of them is the working position. If the employees are involved in jobs that make them stand for too long, it becomes harder to maintain good posture as fatigue sets in. This fatigue puts pressure on foot muscles, causing injury. While one can rest the fatigue off, continued bad posture can cause more serious issues to the bone structure, including the spine.

The Flooring

The type of flooring in the workplace can either make it bliss for the employees or cause problems. Hard floorings such as concrete are among the least comfortable surfaces to work on. This is because with every step, one feels like the feet are pounding on the floor like a hammer. Without extra cushioning, working continuously on concrete floor can lead to serious muscle and bone injuries. Slippery floorings are also hazardous as they can lead to slips and falls, causing injuries such as broken bones and sprained joints.

Additional Tips to Healthy Employee Feet

Orthotics help prevent injury and they work even better when combined with a host of other helpful practices. In order to offer relief to workers with feet problems, you can rotate duties. This ensures that everyone gets an equal chance to adequately relax before resuming the duties that require long standing/walking hours.

Keep in mind that there are supports for all body parts, not just the feet. If you have hand, lower back or leg problems, you can get orthotic supports for them.


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