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Bunk Beds help children get a good nights sleep, giving huge education benefits

Have a nice night of sleep

In our modern lives, many things are underrated. One of them is sleep. We have things that keep us up day and night, tight schedules, fun stuff happening all the time - screens here and there illuminating, calling our attention, keeping us alert. The TV, computers, tablets, phones and a wide range of devices with addictive games and social networks; high demanding lives that include work, chores, social life and a spot for self-indulgence.

We are treating sleep the same way we are treating meals: as a mere pause in our activities, a "checkpoint" we better not miss, but that isn't important in itself. And we are paying the price for that - much more than we think.

The same way there are countries and regions out there where sitting down to eat is a real pause, an activity on itself, where you stop everything else to enjoy the sensations of food and the act of eating, sleeping should also be a fundamental part of our lives, something of which we have to take care, something we should defend.

We don't sleep just because, not even just so as not to feel sleepy during the day. We see sleeping as something that just gets in our way, but if we knew more about what happens when we are at the arms of Morpheus, we would embrace sleeping a little bit more.

Benefits of sleeping

Adults are advised to get around eight hours of sleep every 24-hour period, preferably at night, because that's when our body is naturally prepared to be asleep. Sleep needs vary from person to person, but a 7-to-9 hours window is a good reference. You might not be aware of how sleep affects your health, but there is much more to sleeping that just relieving tiredness, and you can't replace it with coffee. Here are some surprising health benefits of good sleep, so you bear in mind every time you plan on skipping a couple hours of sleep so you can do something else.

How sleeping improves your life  

It helps your memory It might help you live longer
When you are asleep, you consolidate memories that you have collected during the day and store them inside your brain as long term information. If you skip sleeping hours, you are less likely to remember what you have learned the day before. Some studies show that people who sleep less than they need to are more likely to die sooner. Also, our sleeping patterns affect our health, so the better we sleep, the more protected we are against health problems.
It helps you burn fat It improves your creativity
It would seem that sleeping does the opposite, since you're not even moving. However, your metabolism depends on your sleeping patterns. If you are on a diet, you will loose more body fat if you sleep well.  Sleeping helps your brain make a synthesis of your memories and organize them better. Since createivity is all about taking what you've seen and what you know and making something new out of it, sleeping can help you be more creative.    
It helps your intellectual performance It prevents attention problems in children
Many students skip sleeping hours so they can study better for tests, but results show that those who sleep well have better grades at school. Sleep deprivation in kids often causes ADHD-like symptoms like hyperactivity and lack of attention, until they get a good night of sleep.
It reduces inflammations It makes you stronger and faster
Sleeping enough hours a day decreases the blood concentration of some proteins that cause inflammations.  Sleeping over 8 hours a day is known to improve performance and stamina of athletes at several sports and athletic disciplines.
It helps lower stress It protects your heart
 Sleeping enough hours a day produces changes in your body chemistry that help tackle the effects of stress. It regulates your blood pressure and helps low cholesterol out of your bloodstream. There is a protein called C-reactive protein that has been linked to heart risk. Scientists found out in 2010 that this protein is present in our blood at a higher concentration if we sleep less of 6 hours a day.

Enjoy sleeping

As you can see, getting enough hours of good sleep every day is fundamental for your health, regardless your age. Kids can benefit from sleeping because they will get more grades, feel better and learn more from their daily experiences. Bunk beds assures europeans a good night sleep, and kids love bunk beds, so you could consider getting some for them! Also, for a good waking up, get an gentle alarms clock app here, with all features and functionalities for a great start of your day! Also, a gentle wake up is recommended as this will allow you to wake up without shock as you get older you may find the norm of waking to something like a loud tv or a henry hoover. Basically, your sleep is important, especially when young.

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