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Health is precious and is considered as the biggest wealth. How many of these do we hear every day and how many of us really do follow the code? Very informed few actually make the effort to go the extra mile to take the matters of health into their hands and make genuine efforts to remain fit. However, what happens to the rest of us who are living in abject denial? For all those who do not believe they are unhealthy until they contract a disease or they faint?

European Health Defence resolves to take matters of health seriously. We are hell bent that we will educate the people about how important it is to remain fit and healthy. They may think we are just ranting like others, but we will ensure to gain maximum participation so that more and more people can benefit.

Do you know the most health problems are caused due to negligence and can be fully avoided? 

Obesity is the most common disease is a direct cause of more eating and less burning of fat. As simple as it sounds, in the long run you are going to get very sick if you do not check this condition now. Eat more veggies, go for walks, don’t just sit all day and keep your body active. These simple changes in your life today can go a very long way in keeping you fit.

Diabetes is a product of obesity, this disease is so common. What does it take to get it in control? Yes eating but healthy eating, exercise, happy thoughts, and stress free life. How hard can it be to remain happy from within?

Stomach Disorders is a very common place, but did you know that if you just wash your hands once before eating, floss after eating and always vow to brush your teeth at least 2 times then you can evade the stomach disorders that can later culminate into serious diseases?

Headaches/Migraines - we remember that excruciating pain every time we get a migraine attack. Our head starts to explode and we suddenly resort to a pain killer. Can you do this forever? How about keep your life sorted, stress free, do a little meditation and yoga for healing from within? You will never have to touch that pain killer again

Wake up, Citizens!

It is so strange that despite we knowing full well that our actions have a direct bearing on our body, we still choose to turn a blind eye. You will always find European health Defence, where there are ignorant people. It is our job to wake you up from a deep slumber and make you realize that you must get up right now and get started. A famous saying that “you are only as strong as your weakest link” holds true in cases of nations as well. Any nation cannot prosper if it’s working population is suffering from heart conditions or other diseases that makes them unfit to work. So get up now and give your health what it deserves – a pump!

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